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​Infinity Necklaces



Option 1

All Infinity Necklaces can be worn as Infinity bracelet 

shown in photos below. 



amethyst infinity bracelet.JPGJet Infinity bracelet.JPG 

​Starting at $15.99!


A compilation of rythmn between glass bugle beads and gemstones. Can be worn as a single or double strand or maybe even clip on a pendant, or wrap few times around the wrist for a stacked look.

Option 1

White glass AB bugle bead and pointed amethyst crystal quartz accents. 27" L

 Price: $15.99

Option 2

White AB glass bugle bead with Opal nugget accents. 28"L

Price: $9.99

Option 3

Ruby & Iolite chiclets with mint green AB glass bugle beads. 25"L

Price: $9.99

Option 4

Black glass bugle beads with 3mm faceted Jet beads. 30" L

Price: $9.99

Option 5

Ruby Iolite Chiclet earrings with Amethyst dew drop.

Price: $14.99



Infinity Necklace