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 Ssilve skeleton leaf earrings.JPG


See how to wear illustrations below.

From left to right step 1: place looped end of chain around finger & pull taut; step 2:

lay hand on a flat surface pull chain across the thumb allowing enough space

to lap over and back across the top of wrist: Step 3: pull excess chain under the wrist

and up through open space between thumb & wrist. Step 4: pull chain (patience with your charms its worth it) taut and adjust knot to the center of your wrist. Step 5: Wrap remaining chain around the wrist until you run out and lock clasp into closest ring.


How to step 1.JPGHow to step 5.JPGHow to step 4.JPGHow to step 2.JPGHow to step 3.JPG 

​A ring and bracelet in one...Ringcelet


Silver Skeleton leaf charms

Ringcelet is stunning. Total length 36" L.

Price: $29.99


Earrings (sold separately). 3.25" L x 1.1" w.

Price: $14.99